Grace, Romeo, Juliet & Fred - Ed. Helbling Languages

Ecco il secondo dei Westbourne Kids.
Il titolo è: Grace, Romeo, Juliet & Fred - edito da Helbling Languages, per la serie: Helbling Readers Graphic Stories.
Autore della serie Martyn Hobbs, redatto da Maria Cleary.
Illustrazioni nel volume tutte in digitale, qui di seguito una piccola selezione, altre a questo LINK.
"Grace is always good at everything. She is good at the piano. She is good at the violin. She is good at most of her subjects at school. And she is a great actor and dancer, too.
But at the moment, Grace can’t do anything well.
Why can’t she do her homework and learn the lines for the play?
Is she in love? Only David can help her."